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Is VMSENS Motion Tracker support USB interface ?
By default, all VMSENS devices are delivered with a USB Converter. The USB converter also can provide power to the device.

Is there are wireless solutions available from VMSENS motion trackers?
Yes, VMSENS offers a wireless solution with the iVM-w & iVM-BT Development Kit. This is the first completely wireless system from VMSENS.
And also, our standalone wired motion trackers feature a standard serial interface. It is possible to replace the wired link by a wireless connection. Serial-Wireless converters are commercially available through dealers in electronics.

Can I disconnect/connect the VMSENS motion trackers directly?

Why is the Motion Tracker can not recognized by system?
The VMSENS SDK contains a driver for the USB to serial converter. It should be installed once you get the CD-ROM,

How do I check if the driver has been installed correctly?
Go to Control Panel and select system –> device manager
Under the tab Universal Serial Bus Controllers the VMSENS USB-serial Converter should be listed. If it is not, the driver has not been installed correctly.

Where can I get detailed information about the API and sample source code?
Please check your CD-ROM deliver with your Motion Tracker, or contact with VMSENS and will provide the appropriate information about the VMSENS SDK and example source code.

Where can I get more detailed technical information about VMSENS' Motion Trackers?
Please check your CD-ROM deliver with your Motion Tracker, or contact with VMSENS and we will provide you with information about the Motion Tracker.

What format does data logging with the VMSENS support software?
For a post analysis in motion, VMSENS provide data logging tools, please review the data logger operating in VMSENS support software
The data exporting will be in in txt format, can be open by Notepad/ Excel/ Matlab etc, data operation tools

What serial communication settings are used by VMSENS products?
Default communication settings for VMSENS Motion Trackers in serial communication:
baud rate
Data bits
Stop bits
Flow control
The baud rate can be 9600/ 19200/ 38400/ 57600/ 115200/ 921600, user can set in tools.

What is the measurement range of the VMSENS Motion Trackers?
VMSENS' motion trackers are available with different measurement ranges for gyroscopes and accelerometers. Refer to the product specifications on this website.

What are the physical sensors in the VMSENS Motion Trackers?
All VMSENS product contain MEMS motion sensor:
l Rate of turn sensors (gyroscopes)
l Accelerometers
l Magnetic Field sensor

Is the VMSENS support software compatible with Windows Vista / Windows 7?
All VMSENS support software is compatible with Windows XP and Vista.

Are the VMSENS Motion Trackers compatible with Linux?
Yes, the C++ library low level communication protocol, can be compiled for Linux as well.

What is meant with 'no drift' on the 3D orientation?
The VMSENS Motion Tracker uses multi-inertial sensors to estimate the orientation. The single used gyroscopes to calculate orientation, the drift is inevitable. To compensate for drift completely, the device corrects its orientation using the gravity and the earth magnetic field as reference vectors. The VMSENS iMTFusion™ algorithm can cope with magnetic and accelerations, resulting in a reliable orientation estimate.

What is the influence of metals/ RF/ Electrical Currents on the Motion Trackers orientation?
Strong electrical currents/ RF/ Metal can influence the accuracy of the orientation measurement, if the distance between the wires and the Motion Tracker is more than a few centimeters there are not significantly influence the Motion Tracker.
Saturation of the local magnetic field can result in a pervasive attitude estimate error as well. Calibration of the unit will help prevent errors introduced by hard & soft iron in the local area. However, induced magnetic fields from high current devices or high power RF circuitry can result in operational errors.

What can I do if there are influence of metals and magnetic fields?
The VMSENS provided a magnetic field calibration routine to correct for hard and soft iron effects. The calibration procedure is suitable for both 2D & 3D applications, object is rotating through a substantial range of orientations (e.g. a camera), and where the object moves more or less in one plane (e.g. a car).