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The iVM-w is a completely wireless motion tracker without signal & power line restrictions, can be use anywhere, under any lighting condition: outside, office, no lab or simulated environment required.

One of the breakthroughs of the iVM™-w is the Mon-Bus™ wireless protocol; this wireless protocol can be used to real-time talk with multiple motion trackers wireless with low latency.

The iVM-w can be widely used for virtual reality, motion analysis and also other field where low-cost & high-performance 3D orientation measuring is needed.



  • Completely wireless inertial motion trackers
  • ISM 2.4 GHz radio frequency, worldwide license free use
  • Real-time computed attitude/heading and inertial dynamic data
  • 360º orientation referenced by gravity and Earth Magnetic Field
  • Integrated 3D gyroscopes, accelerometers and magnetometers


Freedom Movement

  • Completely wireless, no wire-line restrictions
  • Portable case for easy transportation
  • No occlusion or line-of-sight restrictions
  • Use anywhere, under any lighting condition


Ease Use

  • Fast click into the specially designed straps belt
  • Intuitive Windows software for real-time view, easy logging and export
  • Text data logging export to many software applications
  • End to End software support



The VMSENS device uses multi-inertial sensors to estimate the orientation. The single used gyroscopes to calculate orientation, the drift is inevitable. To compensate for drift completely, the device corrects its orientation using the gravity and the earth magnetic field as reference vectors. The VMSENS iMTFusion™ algorithm can cope with magnetic and accelerations, resulting in a reliable orientation estimate. Additionally, the VMSENS provided a magnetic field calibration routine to correct for hard and soft iron effects.



  • 3D orientation Quaternion/ Euler/ DCM

3D acceleration/ 3D rate of turn/ 3D magnetic field


System Performance


Dynamic range

± 360 deg    - Pitch/ -Roll/ -Heading


±20/ 50/160 m/s² (±2/ 5/ 16g)

Max rate of turn

±450/ 1200/ 2000°/sec   

Static accuracy    pitch/  roll

< 0.5 deg

Static accuracy    heading1

< 1 deg    

Dynamic accuracy2

2 deg RMS

Angular resolution

  1. 05 deg

Max updated rate

120 Hz

1 in homogeneous magnetic environment,

2  under condition of VMSENS algorithm, decided by motion type




Software System Integration

With the VMSENS SDK, your preferred solution is easy and fast to realize, with the demo source code, you will have your measurement unit up and running in just a few minutes to start your first R&D.

The COM-Object and DLL API interface Development Tools

The VMSENS COM-Object and DLL API will help save time in interfacing in a reliable way with VMSENS devices in a Windows environment. Direct low level interfacing gives full control and maximum flexibility. The example code (C/C++, Excel (VBA) and Matlab/ Labview) can be easily extended to a user-specific program.

 Low Level Communication Lib (For embedded systems) (optional)

VMSENS provided low-level C libraries for embedded developments to ease the development procedure on embedded systems.

Sample code

The VMSENS provide sample code of the development ways mentioned above, by reading the sample code and comments, unprofessional developers can developer the motion applications in a few minutes time.

VMSENS Motion Tracker Network Manager

The VMSENS Motion Tracker Network Manager is graphical interfaced software to be used with the VMSENS devices, by using the Motion Tracker Network Manager, user can get ,save and view the real-time inertial motion data easily, the data is shown via friendly graphical component to the you.

MotionBox Studio

With MotionBox Studio, the research can fast capture the human movement analysis results can speed the human motion analysis of and promote the interdisciplinary researches.

Operation Environment

Operating system: Windows 7/ Vista/ XP

Processor: Dual core e.g. Core2 (minimal Pentium4 - 2.6 GHz)

Graphics card: Any graphics card with DirectX 9 hardware acceleration





Traditional systems for capturing human movement require expensive and fixed infrastructures that define and limit the subject to a specific tracked volume. The VMSENS wireless motion tracker offers a source less solution that allows the subject to move freely in any environment.

In addition to biomechanical studies, motion capture may be used to study how external, psychological factors affect balance, movement ability and performance. The VMSENS motion tracking & analysis system is widely used in the sport science, human motion analysis field, the human motion tracking and analysis results can speed the human motion analysis of and promote the interdisciplinary researches.

Inertial Systems have a primary importance in virtual reality systems. For example, to track head/ arms/legs movements, according to the segment orientation, the virtual reality system can change the view point in order to reflect, in real time, what you are looking at. By moving the sensor in your hand, you can also interact with virtual objects, just as if you hold the object for real.

  • Movement Science
  • Biomechanics
  • Rehabilitation
  • Gait analysis
  • Sport analysis
  • Virtual reality
  • Training simulations
  • Gesture interaction