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Base on miniature MEMS sensor, VMSENS has developed inertial Motion Sensors iVM-900 to meet the requirements of the marine sector.

This solution can provides high accuracy motion measurement data in dynamic environment in all areas from  a wide range of offshore applications including crane and winch control, wave radar and ship motion measurement in all condition


lProvides real-time change in height to compensate for wave effects

l6DOF (Heave/ Surge/ Sway / Roll/ Yaw/ Pitch) Output

l5% or 5cm error

lOnline and offline post-processed


Real-time Measurement The embedded firmware inside of iVM-900 motion sensor can provide accurate, real-time measurement of wave motion under the most marine conditions and vessel dynamics. A full six degrees of freedom (6DOF, position and orientation) can be generated in real-time..

Offline post-processed In VMSENS software package, post-processed data are supported, ensuring the most accurate heave data can be generated, and of course, all of other sensor can be direct input to the software package.


Accuracy  1

Real-time:Base on iVM-x motion sensor would be 5cm or 5%

Offline post-processed:MDM.dll can achieve 3.5cm or 3.5% (contact with VMSENS for more )



  • Ship motion monitoring
  • Sonar motion compensation
  • Lidar, Camera stabilization
  • Offshore platform stabilization
  • Oceanographic buoys