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iVM-800 is an inertial navigation systems based on the robust and cost-effective  tactical grade MEMS technology.

In land applications, GPS signal may be disrupted. The combination of VMSENS Inertial Navigation System with complementary technologies such as wheel speed sensor and RTK GNSS is the key to provide smooth vehicle positioning , even in urban canyons, forest, tunnel, etc.

To save both time and money, we have tested and selected the best equipment to build a cost-effective and all-in-one package – iVM-800 Solution.


High Light

lSurvey Grade GNSS receiver

lCost-effective & robust tactics grade MEMS technology

lReal-time computed attitude/heading and inertial data output

lOn board data processor with real-time sensor fusion algorithm

lCompact and lightweight design



  • Mobile Mapping
  • Vehicle Testing
  • Intelligent Transportation
  • Robotics
  • Antenna platform tracking
  • Camera platform
  • Platform stabilization and control