Foot Tracker

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The Foot Tracker is a pure inertial navigation system for personnel on foot, that provides the user’s position relative to an initialization point. Using the VMSENS devices, the Foot Tracking utilizes advanced algorithms to track an individual's precise position in buildings, urban canyons, subterranean environments, and other GPS denied areas.

Compared to traditional navigation system, without infrastructure/ marker build, the Foot Tracker offers greatly improved accuracy by measuring actual stride length and direction of the user.

The Foot Tracker can be directly interfaced to many GPS receivers and mobile-computers. The Foot Tracking is a reliable GPS supplement for personnel on foot.

The Foot Tracker can be used applications include personnel tracking (fire, police, and security), real-time waypoint navigation, disaster relief operations, and cell phone signal strength mapping and dismount training.



  • Provides 3D position data in GPS denied areas (indoors and outdoors)
  • No magnetic filed & barometer assistant, pure inertial (gyroscope & accelerometer)
  • Real-time computed working distance and heading
  • Multi- platform support for system development
  • No calibration needed
  • Open platform for system integrators
  • Compatible with other aiding technologies (i.e. RF, GPS, UWB)



The Foot Tracker fuses advanced zero-velocity update algorithms (ZVU) without external positioning systems to provide accurate three dimensional positions and location coordinates.


System Performance

Data Format

Heading/ Distance, coordinate point

Starting Time



< 4%  (Max, only gyroscope & accelerometer )

PC Interface

USB/ RS-232


Physical Specification

Temp Range

-20.... +60 oC  


59×34×14 mm


32 g


3D Space Personal Tracking

(pure inertial technology, only gyroscope & accelerometer


 (pure inertial technology, only gyroscope & accelerometer


Software System Integration


With the VMSENS SDK, your preferred solution is easy and fast to realize, with the demo source code, you will have your measurement unit up and running in just a few minutes to start your first R&D.


The COM-Object and DLL API interface Development Tools

The VMSENS COM-Object and DLL API will help save time in interfacing in a reliable way with VMSENS devices in a Windows environment. Direct low level interfacing gives full control and maximum flexibility. The example code (C/C++, Excel (VBA) and Matlab/ Labview) can be easily extended to a user-specific program.

 Low Level Communication Lib (For embedded systems) (optional)

VMSENS provided low-level C libraries for embedded developments to ease the development procedure on embedded systems.

Sample code

The VMSENS provide sample code of the development ways mentioned above, by reading the sample code and comments, unprofessional developers can developer the motion applications in a few minutes time.

VMSENS NavFoot Demo

NavFoot is a Windows base inertial dead reckoning  navigation software, with NavFoot, you can fast evaluate the Foot Tracker system, you can load the map in the software and tracking your 3D  walking trace.


VMSENS would support the integrators who would like to produce a commercially available pedestrian  dead reckoning system.

VMSENS will give the  end-to-end technology and marketing support







  • Personnel tracking (fire, police, and security)
  • Mission Rehearsal
  • Dismounted soldier training
  • Real-time waypoint navigation
  • RF signal strength mapping
  • MOUT Training
  • Dismounted Infantry Simulation