About us

VMSENS Inertial Technology specializes in the design and development of ultra high performance inertial tracking technologies applicable to a broad range of sensing devices.


The operational capability of many systems that rely on information sensed from their surroundings depends directly on the dynamic performance of the system's sensor technology. Simply to say, tracking sensor with the required speed, agility and accuracy is a complex engineering challenge.  


VMSENS has overcome this challenge with its patented inertial tracking technology. Besides the excellent inertial tracking sensor, VMSENS has the vision for the sensor's future development. The sensor combines all driven components, electronic components and algorithm inside one system. VMSENS is proud to say that we can deliver the inertia systems with previously unheard of performance.


VMSENS developed the new inertial tracking system to reach agility, accuracy, responsiveness, reliability, and robustness against any harsh environments. We offer innovative ground-breaking solution to the sensing technology.


Now, VMSENS brings all these benefits of the inertial tracking technology to the market with our unique product range.