The Simulated Training of Weapon Aiming

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The Simulated Training of Weapon Aiming


With the rapid development of new military revolution, new technologies have been applied in the military industry. Weapon aiming system, as the traditional equipment of the army, has the benefit of far range and high flexibility. The weapon aiming system is now facing huge change with informatization and digitalization as its tendency in the future.


Aiming weapon includes rifle, howitzer, mortar, rocket, etc. The aiming training has certain limitations due to the vulnerability of environment and high price. In order to increase the competence of the operating force and saving cost in the training, many countries developed different simulated training system to increase the training skills.


Traditional simulated training applies big screen projection with optical motion track. Although this kind of traditional training has positive effect, the soldiers cannot have interactive training in the real battle field. The training content is also limited. The effect of simulation is not as good as expected.


The inertial technology of VMSENS is different from traditional optical technology. Via Head Mount Display, the soldier can have interactive training based on inertial motion attitude measurement. The soldier will take the simulated training based on real outdoor environment and gain experience of real battle field environment.


The inertial position tracking device records the three-dimension attitude of the weapon to match with soldier’s visual target information, thus to obtain the weapon’s virtual emission status. The motion track of the physical simulated shell and bullet will be interacted with the target’s motion movement to justify the real battle field environment.

The motion track device based on VMSENS can be installed in plastic simulated weapon and helmet as a necessity to simulated battle field environment in the soldier’s training. It also provides tracking to soldier’s motions in outdoors and weapon’s performance.



Targeting training outdoor simulated with video glasses

Moving target aiming system with 3D large screen