Simulated Training for Sound Source Positioning

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In natural environment, people will turn the head around to locate the source of sound. Even the head turns in an extreme short time, it’s very important for the hearing of human being. With the head rotation, people can clearly define the sound from the front, back, left and right.

The iVM-x series of inertial motion tracker of VMSENS and headphone of BH-604 will bring you an authentic monitoring effect with its head tracking function.

Different from traditional stereo headphone, the head tracking technology developed by VMSENS client can change audio status according to head rotation. That means, if the sound is from the front, you turn your head, the sound will be from left/right, or from the back. The inertial sensor of VMSENS will achieve a speed of 2000 deg/s with low latency of data transmission to efficiently guarantee the tracking of head rotation.

This system can provide simulated audio training for the trainee, which simulates real environment background and audio effect. The trainee will be able to judge sound source from noisy environment. Another feature for VMSENS inertial motion tracker is the tremendous audio and visual effect together with 3D simulated background, which is now already widely used in the media and entertainment