Motion VR on Android

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VMSENS as a three-dimensional motion tracking technology and product innovator and leader, today released a smart phone can be used (Smartphone), Tablet PC (Pad) and other three-dimensional motion tracking engine on the mobile terminal.


With years of multi-sensor data fusion technology and patented signal processing experience in the industry, and now, VMSENS inertial technology company also brings to the three-dimensional somatosensory operating solutions to the electronics consumption, more accurate, stable and faster response system far more than the operating system's default output sensor data.


The solutions are designed and integrated with multi-sensor (gyroscope / accelerometer / compass / GPS, etc.), smart mobile terminals and VMSENS data fusion algorithm technology for mobile devices to provide a three-dimensional sense of the end consumer-operated, three-dimensional technology in somatosensory augmented reality, virtual reality, games, indoor navigation, human-computer interaction, context-aware, UGC and other areas will have a revolutionary change, the emergence of somatosensory operation will completely change the way we interact with electronic products, changes in our lives and the work.

For the mobile device market, VMSENS before this has a considerable number of inputs, communicate with multiple partners, and released in 2010 based on data fusion engine of Android OS initial algorithm, and successfully carried out a simple DEMO demonstration, with the popularity of smart mobile devices, and sensor contains more abundant, VMSENS today officially launched Andriod-based operating system and application engine DEMO APP.


Currently provides customized services integrator for MEMS sensors and semiconductor manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, system, software vendors and other customers for mobile terminals provide high-precision motion tracking system in operation.


In the data fusion engine software, VMSENS great emphasis on low power consumption, easy to use program capacity and flexible design concept, its somatosensory engine is ideal for the MEMS sensor module and the application processor running, the growth over time, VMSENS set will provide the industry's more robust multi-sensor data fusion engine algorithm, the future we will be more than one sensor GPS data, camera, gyroscope, pressure, temperature and other data fusion, sensor makes the application more popular and diverse.