Vehicle Driver Responses in the absent-minded situation leading to an accident Analysis

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In the driving test process, setting "distracted driving" and "complex questions to increase brain load" two scenarios, respectively by the motion capture driver operation record data. After using Fu Liye transform method to transform the data to the frequency domain pilot action analysis, focuses on two types of situations in the upper arm and the head of the driver, motion the characteristics of the right foot to carry on the analysis, to verify the increase in brain - load conditions, the driver's observation ability and control ability for direction, pedal.



Analysis of difference between upper arm movement:

Figure 1-1 to concentrate on driving time frequency upper arm movement angular rate data analysis chart, compared to Fig. 1-2, namely the side to answer questions while driving situations, the energy of frequency spectrum is more concentrated, that in this scenario, the upper arm operation of the steering wheel movement more uniform, smooth, the vehicle will be more stable.


Fig 1-1


Fig 1-2



Head motion analysis:

Figure 2-1 to concentrate on driving process of angular rate data head rotation frequency spectrum, compared to Fig. 2-2, namely in the process of side answer complex questions side driving, can see similar and arm spectrum difference, namely in the process of concentrate on driving, the head rotation angular rate spectrum energy is more concentrated, namely the head rotational movement is more uniform and smooth, that in this case the driver in the driving process to observe the behavior of coherence, contribute to the safe driving.


                                       Fig 2-1

                                  Fig 2-2



The right foot motion analysis:

Fig. 3-1, FIG. 3-2 respectively in the concentrate on driving and answer the questions in the two situations while driving his right foot pedal control action spectrum data analysis chart, compared to Fig. 3-1, FIG. 3-2 in the low frequency region will frequency points out several relatively prominent, reflecting the driving at the same time to answer the question, the driver to control the driving pedal will have frequent suddenly stepped down and lifted action, this shows that in this scenario, the driver inattention, operation of the predictable variation, may affect the safety of driving.


                                     Fig 3-1

                                     Fig 3-2