Dismount Soldier Training System for Anti terrorism training

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Dismount Soldier Training System for Anti terrorism training

Visual simulated training system has a tendency of mixing with real environment to make interactive training. It becomes very important to make test of simulated training in real environment.

The original simulated training system is only limited to perform on PC with a mouse rather than simulated real environment. The interaction of soldiers to the field environment is obviously not enough. The first response experience cannot be obtained through the traditional simulated training system. As a result, the US and European developed Mount/ Dismount Soldier Training System?? respectively to make training for the individual combat.


Compare with regular training, the visual training for individual soldier simulates real environment, which guarantees high safety, controllability and saves money. The training object can be easily achieved. Our client has performed such simulated training with VMSENS motion technology, the effect of which is unprecedented and marvelous.


The individual soldier training system can set up different battle field backgrounds. The trainee will experience real battle field environment with stereoscopic helmet, human body state tracker and positioning system. The combat skills, response time and mental endurance of the soldier will be efficiently trained and improved after such simulated training.


The visual battle field will be realized with Virtual Reality Technology. Soldier’s first response will be tracked with VMSENS motion tracker. The trainee will have visual and audio experience of battle field.

VMSENS provides a series of motion tracker system to achieve the requirements of visual training, including,

  • Weapon status
  • Head rotation
  • Battle field audio induction simulation
  • Human motion status
  • Soldier visual position information

The integrated portable simulated Soldier Training system can have training simulated with different options of sensor position and quantity according to different project requirements. This is a very efficient system for simulated individual combat training.